Hudhuranfushi Resort extends surf season through November

Do you like the idea of surfing un-crowded, glassy, small to mid size waves in a friendly, safe enviroment, at one of the most consistent ‘user-friendly’ lefts in the world? If the answer is yes then read on!


Due to popular demand and the consistent, good quality late season conditions of the last five years, the Hudhuranfushi Surf Season has been extended to the end of November for 2017. Our world renowned team of Surf Guides, Surf Photographers and Yoga Instructor are all staying on until December, and are looking forward to an enjoyable month of helping our surf guests into some small but perfect waves.

This is a great opportunity for those who really value empty waves and a relaxed, stress free lineup over and above wave size and power. We see it as a perfect month for older surfers who wouldn’t want to surf in amongst the high season frothers. We also see it as a great month for surfing families with children who perhaps wouldn’t enjoy the bigger waves of peak season. Our team of Surf Guides have gained an excellent reputation for the attention they give kids in the surf, and with the low number of surfers on island in November our guides will have even more time to devote to helping the kids and the less experienced Surfers in the water.

We even feel that some more experienced Surfers will be happy to surf the smaller but un-crowded waves of November – their high wave count making up for the smaller size of the surf!

Last November (2016) saw 5 or 6 days of good quality, head high to overhead surf at Lohis, with excellent conditions. There were also about 15 days of fun little 2-4ft (waist to head high) waves peeling down the point at Lohis, and 3 or 4 days of 1-2ft waves – tiny, but so glassy and still very surfable (especially for kids, long-boarders, or advanced beginners etc) There were only 5 or 6 days that were too small or too windy to surf!


The following photographs were all taken very late in October, so are a great indication of what to expect in November!

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