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World Surfaris is a global surf travel company, delivering bespoke and fully organised surf trips since 1997. We represent the best of the best surf camps, resorts, and charters only, and our team of surf travel guides are industry-leading. Our complimentary service includes detailed region knowledge, access to exclusive deals, personalised tips and hacks, and comprehensive travel support.

We’re in the business of creating authentic experiences for every kind of surfer and their loved ones: from rustic land camps in Indo to luxury surf charters in the Maldives, and everything in between. Whether you’re still dreaming, exploring options, or ready to book, get in touch with World Surfaris today.

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There’s no place quite as idyllic as the Maldives: secluded, unspoiled and a variety of waves for every kind of surfer.
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A region so wave-rich, you won’t go a day without scoring. From hollow barrels to gentle peelers, and everything in between.
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From Samoa to Fiji and lesser-known coastlines in Papua New Guinea, experience the natural beauty and cultures of the Pacific for your next surf trip.
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Overwhelmed by all the options? Here’s the best of the best. From boutique surf resorts to private charters and everything in-between, explore our most loved and top-rated surf trips in Indo, Maldives, and the Pacific.

Samoan Surfaris
Samoan Surfaris

Remote and rustic in nature, Samoan Surfaris is ideal for surfers chasing that classic surf, eat, sleep, repeat experience, off-grid and away from the crowds.

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Telo Surf Villa
Telo Surf Villa
Telo IslandsIndonesia
All Levels

An exclusive 5-bedroom villa set amidst lush tropical jungle, boasting a perfect wave right out the front.

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Kingfisher Resort Mentawais
Kingfisher Resort Mentawais
Mentawai IslandsIndonesia
All Levels

This beachfront resort offers four private bungalows overlooking one of the best left-hand surf breaks in the world, Lances Left. For surfers, families and adventure-seekers alike, Kingfisher Resort will feel like your tropical home away from home.

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Tupira Surf Club
All Levels

A minimalistic beachfront guesthouse perfectly positioned in front of Tupira Right, an idyllic spot to surf, relax, and unwind on repeat.

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Why Choose World Surfaris as Your Surf Travel Company?


We offer direct and competitive pricing, quoting exactly the same as what the resort or charter would directly. No hidden fees or nonsense!


Booking with World Surfaris means a fully organised surf trip. From the when, where, and how, to all the travel logistics and admin.


Our industry-leading team of surf travel guides are full to the brim with surf region knowledge, travel experience, and local connections.

Discover Your Next Surf Adventure with World Surfaris

Dreaming of surfing the perfect wave? As a premier surf travel company, World Surfaris offers unparalleled surf trips and holidays tailored for surfers of all levels. Since 1997, we have been the go-to surf travel guides, providing bespoke and fully organized surf holidays across the world’s top surfing destinations.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Unmatched Expertise: With decades of experience, our team of surf travel experts provides in-depth knowledge of the best surf regions, boats and resorts, ensuring your next surf trip is perfectly tailored to you.
  • Hand-Picked Destinations: We meticulously select only the best surf camps, resorts, and charters. Whether you seek rustic charm in Indo or luxury in the Maldives, we have it all.
  • Comprehensive Travel Support: From personalised travel tips to exclusive deals and itinerary planning, our support team is dedicated to making your surf trip seamless and unforgettable.

Our Most-Loved Surf Trips

Indo Surf Trips

Experience the magic of Indonesia with our top-rated surf trips. From the famous Mentawai Islands to the hidden gems of North Sumatra, we offer a range of surf holidays that cater to every surfer’s dream.

Maldives Surf Charters & Resorts

Sail the turquoise waters of the Maldives on our premium surf charters. Enjoy direct access to world-class waves and pristine beaches, perfect for both advanced-beginners and seasoned surfers.

Pacific Surf Adventures

Explore the uncharted surf territories of the Pacific. Whether it’s the remote beaches of Samoa or the vibrant surf culture of Fiji, our Pacific surf trips promise adventure and serenity.

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