HandhuFalhi – Pumping March in the Outer Atolls

It has been firing down in the Southern Atolls to start the Maldives season this year.

World Surfaris guests were lucky enough to score super light variable winds and a larger than normal swell for this time of year. One of the Maldives hollowest waves was pumping for 3 consecutive days and a few happy World Surfaris clients from the United States, had this perfect little set up all to themselves. 

This is exactly why we choose to travel and why we travel to remote islands all over the world with our mates in search of empty lineups and perfect waves. 

It is times like this when you burry your head in your hands and regret that decision not to book in your surf trip. I guess, all we can do is dream….or look at this epic imagery!


The HandhuFalhi charter now focusses its attention to the North Male season kicking off in mid April. 

HandhuFalhi is reduced for the season and charters start from as low as AU$1763 per person for 7 nights. Interest is high and space is filling fast so please contact us as soon as possible so you dont miss out. 

Phone: 1800 611 163

Email: info@worldsurfaris.com

Online Chat: TAWKTOUS

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