HC 12

Handhu Central Atolls – May 2017

A windy couple of weeks in May. 

We started the last charter in Male and surfed Jails on the first day. Second day at we travelled south and had a few sessions at small but fun Riptides before sailing further south and surfing the entire third day at the many breaks around Meemu Atoll.

Got some small waves in meemu first day and next day we spent playing UNO in the lagoon because of the wind, gusts were up to 35mph most of the day so we decided not to surf and most guests were happy to sleep in and chill on board watching a movie or reasding a book as the storm passed. These things happen from time to time in The Maldives. 

After we woke to more stormy conditions, I decided to head back to Male Atoll to at least get the group surfing again. Vibes were still high so I wanted the guests to be surfing and not wasting their energy on the boat. 

When we got back to North Male, we decided to surf ninjas to avoid a busy Jails and Sultans lineup. It turned out to be a great call as we surfed extremely fun ninjas all to ourselves the entire day!

The rest of the trip we spent chasing swell and dodging crowds in North and South Male. Luckily I have been surfing these area’s for a long time and friends all other guides so we managed to get our guests great waves considering the challenging conditions.  


Please enjoy the photos attached. 





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