Groovin’ and Movin’ at Aganoa Lodge, Samoa

“Great waves accompanied great dance moves here at Aganoa Lodge in a wonderful week full of good vibes and good times.

After being greeted with a huge swell, we had some maxed-out Middles action for a few days until the weather aligned for a session at the gem we call Coconut Grove. Beautiful, wispy clouds across blue skies signalled our fortunate fate while driving amongst the luscious Samoan landscape on our journey to the Cove of Spirits. Offshore winds awaited us with a perfect combination of playful, rolling left-handers and larger waves that were more on the business scale of things. Everyone was frothing!

On top of this, we were able to indulge in some groomed right handers patiently waiting for us on the very doorstep of the lodge, meaning our guests quite literally traveled the same distance to get a coffee from the bar as they did waves (and for some, hitting the waves was their coffee!). Think about that.

Our farewell Fia Fia night was a fitting end to the week with everyone shredding the dance floor as they did the line up. After being treated to a traditional Samoan buffet, guests were entertained with cultural Samoan specialties (with the odd cheeky dances in between). The energetic, fun-filled atmosphere during that night sums up what an astounding week it was at the lodge!”


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