Ghost Racks Expert Board Mounting

When we decided to do up our boardroom here at World Surfaris, we knew that we wanted to create a laid-back yet professional atmosphere. With surfing ambassador Gary ‘Kong’ Elkerton donating three of his most impressive boards for us to decorate, there was only one company we would trust with their mounting and display. Ghost Racks has built an outstanding reputation in the industry, and with the service and products they provided, we can see why.  

The creation of Ghost Racks by Shane Atkins and Darren Barnes was a stroke of genius.  Once they were mounted on the wall, the translucent racks were almost invisible, while still being more than strong enough to safely hold the large boards securely.  We decided to go with the verticle Apparition racks, along our curved wall, but there is a range of different racks available to mount your boards in any way. 

In a room full of historic surfing memorabilia, Kong’s mounted boards are a great centrepiece and since the redecoration of our boardroom, it has become a welcoming and comfortable space for our staff and quests.


If you are looking to fit out your garage, office, bar, or man cave, these are a surfer essential. 

Find Darren and Shane at www.ghostracks.com.au/ to get your own Ghost Racks sorted



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