Getting to the Maldives

Planning a trip to the Maldives? Ever wondered how on earth do you get there?

It’s simple…

No matter what major city you are departing from in Australia, you can’t go wrong with Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines have always had a fantastic reputation in the aviation world and consistently rank among the top 5 airlines in the world along side the likes of Emirates (1), Qatar Airways (2) and Cathay Pacific (4). 

Singapore Airlines fly daily to Male via Singapore of course. The total flight time is roughly 8 hrs to Singapore followed by a further 3.5 hrs onto Male. Conditions and availability apply.

World Surfaris has been sending surfers to the Maldives onboard Singapore Airlines flights since the very beginning, back in 1997. Since then our relationship with the airline has grown. Because of this strong working relationship we are able to get our clients the best possible rates, extended ticketing deadlines and other special services like extra sporting equipment (surfboard luggage) for your flights. Standard luggage allowance on Singapore Airlines is 30kgs per person, flying economy class. 

During this season’s Get in Early Sale, you can book any flight with Singapore Airlines to the Maldives from any state in Australia and receive an extended ticketing deadline. This year we have been able to negotiate the 20th February. That means if you book a holiday to the Maldives in November, you don’t have to pay for your airfares until the 20th Feb allowing you to save up and pay when the time is right for you. This type of flexibility is fantastic and our customers appreciate the added time they get to put their funds together creating far less strain on their bank account. 


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