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The first ever KabuNohi Resort surf report

Words and images by Mark Flint – KabuNohi Resort owner/operator:

KabuNohi Sorake Resort – Surf Report
5 to 12 March 2017.

Sun 5th March: Medium to Small Kiddies Corner clean glassy offshore conditions
We welcome our first ever KabuNohi Sorake Resort guests. Father and Son, Ini and Daniel. On arrival, they were straight to the viewing deck and stoked with the view and with surf so close, no mucking around KabuNohi Surf Guide takes them to the Keyhole and then straight out for the first session, Happy campers! Mr. Ini commented on the lack of people even though Sunday is a busy day for our standard. More waves than he’s caught in a long time and his son Daniel was sore from not surfing for 2 months before the trip.

Mon 6th March: Medium to Small Kiddies Corner clean glassy offshore conditions
Up early to watch the sun rise Mr. Ini is like a grommet, a grey-haired one at that! Straight out for the first of 3 sessions that day. Mr. Daniel is a bit slower with sore ribs, having trouble on his short board so he takes one of the KabuNohi mals out for a spin. Ini comments of catching more perfect uncrowded waves than ever and being stoked with the vibe in the water and local interaction.

Tue 7th March: Bit of a pickup in the swell with consistent waves on the outside Kiddies Corner and the occasional bigger one breaking wide to keep it interesting. Beautiful weather with variable winds
Mr. Ini gets some great rides long clean faces and he is stoked.  He’s living clean with no beer at night, great food and up early. He’s maintaining his 3 sessions a day, Daniel is loving the Mal riding finding it easy to get more and longer waves; Stoked! . Local photog gets some great water shots for memories, Mr. Ini said he does not usually buy photos but he succumbs once he sees the great quality.

Wed 8th March: Similar conditions with steady waist high waves and bigger sets breaking along Kiddies Corner reef
Mr. Daniel is painting in between his surf sessions playing chess with Alex the surf guide. Both are enjoying the massage service provided in the comfort of the KabuNohi Air-conditioned rooms.  Father and Son are getting into a joint surf rhythm.  Mr. Ini refers to this is why he came here. As soon as he saw the promotions he knew he needed the break and some quality time with his son.

Thu 9th March: Swell is dropping back to inside Kiddies Corner
In the routine now;Surf, eat, relax, Surf, eat, relax; with the massage in between. Enjoying the time, and talks around the dinner table!
Early to bed, early to rise

Fri 10th March: Swell is dropping back to inside Kiddies Corner
Early surf and I’m given a SUP lesson by Mr Ini as the surf has dropped back considerably. After my learning session I can see why Mr. Ini has been going to bed early and is in good shape. These SUP’s give you an amazing work out and exercise, especially if you’re learning and constantantly climbing back on, after numerous attempts to stay on top ! Big credit to the likes of Mr. Ini and the wave riding SUP crew.  The afternoon before our last surf we take a local village tour, meet a lot of kids and experience the real Nias Village style, good small surf session with me and Mike from Singapore has us ruling the waves on the SUP and mals,  great time… great light… great afternoon! Enjoying the time, and talks around the dinner table
Early to bed early to rise, That’s become the routine, as the goal of the holiday was to surf and relax, Mr. Ini has achieved this he tells me.

Sat 11th March: Dropping swell
Early surf followed by sightseeing and a restful day to enjoy the serenity of Lagundri Bay.

Sun 12th March: Final day: Swell is dropping back to inside Kiddies Corner
Early start last day on the small inside Kiddies Corner followed by a big breakfast and departures planned.  We are thanked for the good times and adventure experience and our staff, my wife all are in the photo shoot.

See you again Mr. Daniel and Mr. Ini the grey-haired grommet!

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