Empty lineups in the Mentawais

Mt Agung = empty line ups!

September is in the bag for another year!

Variable winds & small to medium sized swells, made it challenging for most of the month but the great thing about this beautiful part of the world is the variety and consistency of swells the Indian Ocean produces week in week out.

Of course it can make all the difference in the world when you have a good surf guide on board with tricky conditions. That extra local knowledge is absolutely priceless and its something Moon Palikir is lucky to have! It is this point of difference that can turn your surf trip on a knifes edge and go from surfing mushy onshore waves one day to perfect glassy barreling conditions the next. This is exactly what happened a number of times throughout the month of September.

On more than one occasion, our guides noticed local weather patterns developing that would undoubtedly change the conditions in a matter of minutes. It is at times like this where you need to listen to your guide, get everyone back in the boat as fast as possible and motor to a protected break nearby before the conditions change. A proactive approach gets your surfing better waves, more often than a reactive approach a lot of guides adopt in the Mentawais.

Our guests on board Moon Palikir were always at the right place at the right time. Check it out here: 


We have now entered the “Late Season”. What does this really mean?


  • Low crowds: CHECK
  • Consistent swells: CHECK
  • Favourable winds: CHECK
  • Cheaper rates: CHECK


It is only early in October but already we are predicting some epic swells to light up.

No sign of the Bali volcano erupting yet, so if you want to take the risk there is a VERY good chance you will be surfing epic waves with no one out as we have been noticing some empty lineups out here the last 2 weeks.

There are still many more good days of surf this year in the Mentawais and we will be here to help you get there www.worldsurfaris.com

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