Early Feb Reports from Resort Latitude Zero

Date: 10.02.17 / Swell: 1-2 ft / Wave Frequency: 12 secs.
As the weather set in, Hueys allowed us some fun 1 to 2 foot peelers at our all time favourites. With some good news lining up in the forecast, both guest an guides are frothing to see what the new week has installed for us in the Telo Island Chain.

Date: 08.02.17 / Swell: 2-3 ft / Wave Frequency: 8 secs.
With minimal ground swell at the moment, we have been fortunate enough to have a howling Westerly blowing throughout the Telos last night. This westerly had created 2-3ft, mechanical right handers one after another. Literally paddling out to the take off zone, turning around to take another wave. Not much conversation was conceived due to this, just a whole lot of yahooing… YAHOO!  

Date: 06.02.17 / Swell: 1-2 ft / Wave Frequency: 10 secs.
The forecast reads flat but with our experienced surf guides we always something to have fun on as Huey takes a well deserved rest.

Date: 03.02.17 / Swell: 2-3 ft / Wave Frequency: 13 secs. 
As we saw the end of a swell here today in the Telos there was still plenty of fun to be had throughout the north and south. Perfect conditions – sun was shining, fun perfect waves were realing and the beer was cold. What else could you ask for??

Date: 01.02.17 / Swell: 2-3 ft / Wave Frequency: 15 secs. 
As Huey keeps working the guest keep smiling. Light winds an a consistent 3 foot swell gave the guest an guides plenty of waves throughout the entire day across the entire Telo Island chain. Everybody was in overdrive as the last 3 days have been dawn to dusk marathons. Great way to cap off the first month of the year. Welcome to Sumatra!

– Your Surf Guide Team at Resort Latitude Zero.

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