A dreamy few days at Resort Latitude Zero…

Date: 18.01.17 / Swell: 2-4 ft / Wave Frequency: 13 secs.

What a dreamy few days here in the Telo Islands! Light winds combined with sunshine and a building south swell have meant the Resort Latitude Zero guests have been finishing the days tired and satisfied.  A sleepless night for everyone ahead with the anticipation of the peak of the swell tomorrow, stay tuned.  – The RLZ Team

Date: 16.01.17 / Swell: 3-5 ft / Wave Frequency: 13 secs

The last couple of days on the equator have been at its picture perfect best. A continued fun size swell combined with very little to no wind has made for some ideal dream surfing conditions for our current crews visiting the beautiful Telos Islands. The next couple of days look to be no different no and with a on coming swell towards the back end of the week everyones froth is high!  – The RLZ Team 

Date: 13.01.17 / Swell: 3-5 ft / Wave Frequency: 16 secs
It’s Friday the 13th here at Resort Latitude Zero – some may call it an unlucky day but here in the Telo Islands we have been treated to another fun sized south pulse lighting up some of our favourites with not another soul in sight!  Check out what Huey served up below. – The RLZ Team

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