“Do yourself a favour. Go to TSV. It is an incomparable gem”

“I had originally booked Telos Surfing Village for May 2015.  However, eye surgery arose at that time & I had to cancel my booking. When I had recovered & went to re-book, there wasn’t any 2015 availability left & 2016 was fairly much gone. I now understand why…

In my opinion, Telos Surfing Village is one of the best surfing experiences available.  The Brazilian owners, Mario, Paulo & Nadelli have created a beautiful, eco-friendly resort that nestles into its Indonesian surroundings like it has always been there.  The accommodation is comfortable, adequate, spacious & generous. The food is varied, plentiful & excellent, with the fresh fish being a highlight.  Being Brazilians, the Bintangs are always cold & there is always someone to have a beer with. The punchy wave out the front barrels and is long & consistent.  Plus there are quite a few other delightful waves within a short speed boat ride.  All of that you may well expect.

The hospitality is something else.  TSV truly is a “village”.  The Brazilian spirit that is so fun & family orientated simply pervades the entire resort.  Nothing is a problem.  Everything is fun.  The orientation /safety briefing / welcome video is hilarious & effective.  The surf guides know the area intimately, they call the best waves brilliantly each day & are very encouraging of all surfers.  They also take excellent water & boat shots, both video & stills.  The pool table competition is something else.  I won’t spoil it with the details but let’s just say, it’s an experience in its own right.

The spell of TSV seems to foster a spirit of camaraderie that is an absolute delight.  The uncrowded waves undoubtedly underpin the spirit of the resort – Telos Surfing Village only accommodates a maximum of 12 surfers at a time.  And they only operate 7 months of the year.  To borrow that great phrase – do yourself a favour.  Go.  It is an incomparable gem”.

John Finlay – World Surfaris Director
Stayed at Telos Surfing Village in Oct’16

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