Covid Update: Niyama Resort, Maldives

Words by Nathan Kemp, Sports & Leisure Director at Niyama Private Islands.


At first, I wasn’t sure what to think or how to react to the pandemic, as I had obviously never experienced anything like it before.  Slowly but surely, it started to seep in that this was a serious thing, that would affect not only my life, but everyone around me and the entire world. I’ve got to admit though, being stranded (kind of, but not really) at Niyama during the global lockdown was pretty much a dream come true as a surfer!


Niyama closed in the beginning of April and re-opened October 1st. Surfing has a played a huge role in the bounce-back of the hotel, and for those that made the call to book a stay with us, it was a good time to score some empty waves. The beauty of Niyama is Vodi – our private left-hand point break accessible by paddling out from the beach here at Niyama. I stayed at Niyama during the closure period, so getting to surf Vodi all by myself with no one around was pretty special. There was so many perfect waves  going unridden that at times I would wish there were more people around to share them with me! Surfing alone is always cool, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t slightly spooky at times.  


It’s very safe to come to the Maldives, as all guests arriving must have a valid PCR test taken within 96hrs of their departure. It’s even safer when Vodi Point can only be surfed by Niyama guests! Niyama has also implemented extra measures to prevent any spread of a potential Covid case on the island and to keep people safe.


We are so excited to welcome more surfers and guests back to Niyama after a very challenging year. Niyama is the perfect place for a laid-back luxury vibe for families or mate’s trips. It’s so easy to surf Vodi all day as it can be surfed on any tide, and it has a rum bar right on the beach. For families, we have an awesome kid’s club that can give you and your partner some alone time during your stay. We also have over 9 dining options to keep you occupied with variety and fun.


The Maldives has remained open and without a lock down for awhile now thanks to the measures the government and authorities put in place for the country, and across all hotel establishments operating during this time. I think the Maldives will remain open and 2021 will be a good year for tourism in the Maldives!


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Niyama Surf Resort from World Surfaris & World Snowfaris on Vimeo.

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