Clean up the reef

Clean up the reef day – Pohnpei

The second part of this week started slow, but we had a few fun moments out at p-pass.  Even when it is small here it still offers a super fun wall to hack to bits. The greatest thing at the moment is that its an empty line up! That alone is worth its weight in gold. I have some friends back at home on the Gold Coast battling it out at Snapper for a wave every hour…no thanks!


Saturday the 12th, Volunteers from around Pohnpei jumped the boat with Allois and I to do a big clean up of the reef day.

4 scuba drivers and 9 snorkeling,  all armed with gloves and bags ready to work. If only locals did this in other parts of the world to preserve their reefs. 

We went to town cleaning up the inside ledges of Palkir pass. 5 hours later we returned to the dock with Tyres, cables, cans, bottles and plastic trash. Hard to believe considering the water clarity and the sheer beauty of the region.



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