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Catching up: Mickey Nattz

Mickey Nattz is the World Surfaris Operations Manger in the Maldives and the man behind the Maavahi Surf Charters operation.  We caught up with Mickey to find out how 2021 has been over in paradise.


WS: How long have you been working in surf tourism and how did you get into the industry?

M: For 12 years by now. while surfing in Male’ I met some expat surfers who wanted to organize a boat charter for their friends and family and I organized it and guided the trip. Since then I understood that this was what i want to do for the rest of my life.


WS: How have the last 12 months been and what are you looking forward to in 2022?

M: Maldives has been one of the safest and first countries to open up for tourism since the global lockdown and while still some of the other surfing destinations are closed the surfer tourists have been steeply increasing over the last 12 months and reached its peak during August and September.

In 2022 I look forward to welcome Australian tourists along with our newly found markets and I hope for a profitable business year with lots of good swell.


WS: What have your standout sessions/swells been during this year’s surf season?

M: We got perfect conditions early this season from March – May and then the best and biggest swells hit during September.


WS: What has the energy/vibe been like on the boat this season?

M: On the boat we always have a good vibe. There is always something exciting going-on day or night as long as you are awake.

Our mixed groups or open boat operation this year has given many clients the opportunity to join us individually and meet new people and learn from each-other.


WS: What is your favourite wave in the Maldives?

M: if I must pick one it would be”Tuckey Joes” a left-hander located in South Male’ Atoll.

Tuckies or “Miyaru-faru” among the locals translates to Shark Reef.  I love this wave mostly for its speed & power and the ease of accessibility from Male’.. Its best at 5-7 feet, throws long barrel sections and breaks over a shallow reef. You still can have good fun even on smaller days for its power and driving capability. If you have ever surfed “Machines” in Laamu Atoll, you get an idea of what I’m talking about, Tuckies is just an inverse of that.

Nevertheless there are a lot of waves in the Maldives where you can have the best day of your life and get confused over which wave is your favourite.

Thanks Mickey!


See you soon guy’s!

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