Bula from Matanivusi Surf Resort!

I love summer. It’s hot and glassy… the true tropical experience for surfing with waves so glassy you lose the perception of depth and it’s difficult to judge when the wave is going to break. We have had days sooo glassy that it’s really hard to surf… sounds weird hey? And then the afternoon thunderstorms, lightning and rain… buckets of rain but it’s all over in 5 minutes and the sun comes out again and we get to watch a fantastic sunset drinking a cold Fiji Bitter on the beach deck.

The surf has been great with only a couple of lay days. On the small days we always have Shifties to surf. This spot doesn’t always line up perfectly in the same place everytime, as you get from the name, but it does pick up any swell and is twice the size as anywhere else except Frigates. We have had good sessions at Serua, J’s and Shifties and look forward to getting these pumping for the next 3-4 months.

Frigates is our premier world class break and the most consistent. It is comparable to Cloudbreak. And it still goes off in summer but after months of “having” to surf this long left hander I look forward to any opportunity to go right at the waves that work best in summer when the trade winds stop. But as Frigates is on everyone’s bucket list we still make the journey out there when conditions are right.


Brian & Donna McDonald
Matanivusi Eco Resort – Fiji Islands 

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