Best Maldives surfboard quiver? – Giorgio Rollo

Here at World Surfaris we regularly get asked by our clients what is the best quiver to take to the Maldives? 

Having been a surf guide in this beautiful part of the world myself, my response is always “keep an eye on the forecast, if it looks like a good swell is on the way, pack your regular shorty, a back up shorty and a step up”. If not, take your regular board you would ride at home, a fun board like a short, wide twin fin and a board you want to experiment with like a single fin, or mal. At the end of the day the choice is yours. 

It is very rare that you will need a bigger board or a gun. The waves in the Maldives do pack a punch when its big but because the swell travels from a longer distance and the reefs are’nt as steep as Indo you wont need as much foam under your chest to paddle into the waves or get down the face without sliding out. 


If you want a second opinion, we spoke to Emperor Virgo surf guide, Giorgio Rollo. Here is what Giorgio said. 

The Maldives can offer a variety of waves. Many would think that because they are reef breaks you need a bigger board to paddle into the waves and get to your feet quicker. This isnt the case. In fact the reef is actually your friend in the Maldives and you should use this to your advantage. Like most reef breaks in the Maldives there is normally multiple take off points. Some are steeper and faster than others but 90% of them have a take off point where you can ease into the wave and still get a long ride making it so popular with all levels of surfers. 

I usually recommend that each and every surfer bring a board they feel confident on in all conditions. Even with waves a little bigger than normal, your usual short board should be able to handle it, the waves are generally friendly in the Maldives and have come from a long way in the Indian Ocean so therefore give you a lot of power under your feet enabling you to make powerful turns and shoot through barrels at speed. 

For your second board I usually recommend something that can make your day playful in small conditions. A smaller size but with more volume like a twin fin, quad or even a mini-mal. 

For your third choice I would throw in the board bag something which would suit bigger conditions in the 6ft/double over head range. These swells happen every couple of weeks during the peak season and hang around for 2-3 days so it is good to be prepared just in case. 


If you have a trip booked to the Maldives with World Surfaris your consultant can give you great advice on what boards to take. Alternbatively your local surf board shaper or surf store should be able to give you some good tips and will be able to breakdown the shape, size, tail, rails and fins you should take with you. 

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