Banyaks Dream Surf Report – April 2019

Weather: Partly sunny weather with clear sky on day time and cool nights. no stong winds.


The first big swell hit the Banyak Islands recently and put us in a position to make the decison of where will be our best surfing spot for our new customers. We wanted to position our boat far from others.

so the captain started with the crazy hallow left’s. spending few days surfing by ourself 3 foot clean. Everything was on, like ripable and small barrels session captain reported.

Then the swell dropped a little bit so we enjoyed some good turtle left to small treasure right which was playful.

Then the swell grew a little bit more so we surfed treasure. Not the best one cause of the small period and tiny swell but the waves still pumping.

The next four days were enjoyed at the bay of plenty.

Three waves for the boys and only two boat trips. The spots were almost empty to to constant surf from morning to sunset. Conditions were pretty good all the time. Small choppy in mid-day then super glassy at the end of the day.



The wind had been swiching arround due to high pressure and the swell. But prettty much east to north and west light wind.

captain knowledge is on to serve you the best.

Sessions: Captain Pierre provided 8 differents surf spots to customers. really good condition so lot of opportunities. Biggest session at bay of plenty and secret waves.

treasure been good one day only due to heavy growing swell.


Crowd: Four boats been cruising around but everyone trying to escape from each other as usual. captain keep’s on our goal

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