Banyaks Dream – May 2019


May is always enjoyed under the sun, and strongly east pressure to provide good times.


West swell at the beginning with poor period to S-SW direction with nothing on.


Consistent South-East wind most of the trip and switching around 30% of the trip.


Worst forecast ever but had some outstanding highlights. A lot of fun medium surf days with light winds and classic Banyak glass mixed in with some pretty tiny classic days at tresor , babi and bay of plenty 2 to 4 foots everyday.

the guests didn’t get to much lucky by this time. no one control the planets earth , at least they were surfing alone on the beautiful Banyak islands. still can enjoyed some spear fishing GT , trolling and caught a huge sailfish catching by the captain pierre and guests .

at some point of the tide , waves showing up and provide some ramp to rip it on.

everyone enjoyed the scenery to be alone . 


No one as the forecasters predicted nothing. We still surfed, all by ourselves.

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