Banyaks Dream – June Surf Report


Light and smooth weather, mostly sunny during the trip.


Just what you wish to have for your holidays. At the beginning of the trip we started with a small swell from the West around 4 ft. The bigger sets coming through were about 6ft and it was pretty much perfect with the SSW swell direction most of the time with 16sec period.


The wind was just awsome ,

switching from ENE to N which is just what you want to get super glassy conditions in the Banyaks.


Been surfing by our own almost.

Just few session with 12 guys in the water. Can’t believe it!


Where do I start?

Simply flawless conditions meant we had perfection for most of the days we were out in the islands. The only downside was having to leave to drop guests back for their flights out.  

The beginning of the month had us spending most of our time at the ‘bay of plenty’ where guests could perform carves and get some amazing barrels going left or right. The choice was yours!

Treasure Island was also on the cook for most of the month and with only one other boat most of the time we shared out guest experience between the bay and treasures.

Sashimi sunsets gave guests some good experience outside the day-to-day surfing. It gets you away from watching a computer, phone or ipad screen and it makes you appreciate how beautiful this part of the world is. Surfing is just the bonus!


We are looking forward to July with another good run of swell coming through!




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