Aura Surf Resort – 2016 End Of Year Wrap Up

January gave us an early taste of things to come for 2016. Some great waves greeting us in the first week of the new year with practically nobody but our guests around. Empty lineups were a reoccurring theme throughout the year and countless crowd free sessions went down at one of our favorite outer island breaks.

There were a higher than usual amount of North winds on the island this year – which can be pretty bad for other parts of Indonesia, luckily we have a few waves that love the North angle. In fact there are options for just about any wind on the island, which comes in useful when we are faced with unpredictable weather systems as was the case this year. Hopefully the wind trends will be back to epic light conditions as in the previous years.

When the big swells arrived mid year, the guns came out as some of the generally mellow waves put on their best Chopes impression. This also paved the way for some new finds, as one of the craziest backdoor slabs revealed itself and the Fingerbash session was born.

The Peak had its fair share of great days, although a pesky sand bank overstayed its welcome. Thankfully the Peak is showing signs of its good ol’ self again.

For those yet to make the trip to Aura, and possibly still weighing up the options, here’s some of the reasons we love the place.

  • It’s uncrowded compared to other parts of Indo. It has one of the largest swell windows in Indonesia, with 11 months of the year serving up great waves.
  • It has a variety of breaks to suit surfers of different levels, reefs, sandy beaches, deep water bombies.
  • We have an epic Peak on our doorstep, which can be easily viewed from all bungalows so you can time your surf with the conditions.
  • You can surf on your own schedule, explore the island with a guide or on your own.
  • We have the fastest and most comfortable speed boat to get you to the outer islands.
  • The waves barrel hard! If you want go barrel hunting then this is the place to find them.
  • We don’t rely only on boats to get you to the waves. Travel by car or scooter.
  • Our surf guides know the best waves to suit the conditions.

So a bit of an insight to get you psyched for 2017

See you soon
Aura Surf Resort


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