Aura February Photo Highlights

Hypnotic Caves – 

February has glided past under silver skies and glassy waters.
Some perfect conditions with fun waves to prep for the upcoming missions.
March is when we start to see the arrival of the more solid swells on our
shores and we’ve never been more ready!

The whole resort has been revamped and the speedboat’s
got a slick new paint job ready for the stealth raids.

10% discount for the first 10 spots this March and April 2017!

Don’t let its hypnotic charm catch you off guard
Jimmy angling his way in
Oily smoothe take off
A view we never get tired of
Finding the right lure can be tricky, but spearguns seem to be the answer
Gliding through another empty lineup
Aura navy seals
Tucked in
The search
Getting drainy
You win some you lose some
Front yard under grey skies
Mid day cool off
The best way to spend your day
Feast time
Ocean fold
On the way out
Mellow ramp
Sea life
Still time for one more
Fresh seafood on the menu
What we travel the globe in search of

Big thanks to @mickandrewsphotography for this months pics. 




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