Atoll Jade – August 2019 Surf Report

For lack of a better word, the Maldives has experienced a ‘tricky’ season. Strange wind directions in normally consistent periods, big lumpy swells, as well as small powerless ones have been frequent and sometimes drawn out, much to the displeasure of keen surfers all over the world. 

When this type of thing happens, experience in your crew and guide is extremely important.

Thankfully, the Atoll Jade fits that description, with an added amount of style and comfort to go with it. Atoll Jade was able to seek out the best waves on offer during August and our guests were extremely pleased with the quality they got throughout the Male Atolls. Not all time Maldives conditions but still an amazing surf charter and one they won’t forget for a while. 


We were lucky enough to have Photographer Corey White on board the Atoll Jade during a trip in late August. As you can see from the gallery below, even challenging conditions in the Maldives still look absolutely epic!  

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