April Surf Reports from Resort Latitude Zero

25.04.17 / Swell: 3-4 ft / Wave Frequency: 16 secs
Dawn Patrol – ANZAC day special. An amazing day to remember our lost, the waves were turned on by Huey and everyone got their fill. NRL game watched on the box followed by an afternoon two up session. PERFECT !!

Date: 24.04.17 / Swell: 3-5 ft / Wave Frequency: 14 secs.
Barrels, Hacks, Lefts and Rights…. We’ve seen it all here in the Telo Islands over the past 3 days. We have been treated a prolonged 3-5ft South Swell with favourable winds that have lit up a few of our old faithfuls as well as some of the lesser surfed gems!  This afternoon we also welcomed a building new larger swell that guests are eagerly awaiting to sink their teeth into tomorrow after some much needed massages, Bintangs and sleep! All in a day’s work at Resort Latitude Zero!
Date: 20.04.17 / Swell: 2-3 ft / Wave Frequency: 16 secs.
It’s absolute MAGIC here in the Telo Islands right now! Light to non-existent winds, light cloud cover with patches of sunshine, and a powerful 3-foot swell @ 16-seconds. There’s not much more we can ask for. Swell is lingering and, due to the dreamy conditions, the options of wave choice are endless in our Western Sumatra paradise at the moment!
Date: 19.04.17 / Swell: 2-4 ft / Wave Frequency: 12 secs.
Some fantastic weather has continued providing us here on the beautiful equator with some of the best surfing conditions we could ask for. A consistent small to moderate swell has got our guests frothing, getting maximum time in the water. Check some of our professional photos taken by resident photographer Simon “ Swilly” Williams, who’s BACK on the island shooting our guests that have opted for the extra photo package.
Date: 17.04.17 / Swell: 2-4 ft / Wave Frequency: 11 secs.
Light Variable winds for last few days have gifted us with some epic conditions allowing us to venture to some not so frequently visited spots along our beloved West Coast. The Beautiful conditions seeing come classic glass offs during the day. Combined with a fun size swell guest have been getting maximum hours in the water.
Date: 14.04.17 / Swell: 4-6 ft / Wave Frequency: 15 secs.
How good is it when the weather man gets it right! After watching the forecast all week excitement was Buzzing in the resort, and it definitely hasn’t let us down! Solid barrels an solid walls was on offer all day an looks like there’s no shortage of it over the weekend and into next week! Welcome to the Telo Islands!
Date: 12.04.17 / Swell: 2-3 ft / Wave Frequency: 15 secs.
As we definitely saw a increase on size today it was a sure sign of Huey slowly turning on the taps. When our our boats left Resort Latitude Zero first thing this morning and didn’t return back until dusk, it was clear the guest found it hard to get out of the water an leave the perfect empty waves. Lucky there is always tomorrow… And the forecast is looking epic!
Date: 09.04.17 / Swell: 1-3 ft / Wave Frequency: 13 secs.
 A bit of weather around here at the moment but not to worry as our strong fleet of boats are able to get us across the Indian Ocean in any sea state allowing us to find the protected corners needed with the current conditions. Still a lot of fun to be had here in the Telo islands as pictured below. Forecast is looking awesome later this week so make sure to check back in.
Date: 07.04.17 / Swell: 1-2 ft / Wave Frequency: 14 secs.
 As there’ve been a few little weather patterns around we’ve been lucky enough to be tucked away at one of our favourite point breaks, which just kept mechanically pumping 1-2 foot running right handers down the line. Plenty of waves had by all!
Date: 05.04.17 / Swell: 3-4 ft / Wave Frequency: 12 secs.
This week at Resort Latitude Zero started with some fun waves straight off the plane for the latest Bungalow crew. With a decreasing swell all the guests have been making the most of what was on offer and the experience of being in the surfing isolation of Sumatra – this special region of Indonesia. Fun times with couples and families enjoying some perfect sunny days and fun waves at the resort YEW !!
Date: 03.04.17 / Swell: 2-4 ft / Wave Frequency: 11 secs.
As Huey stops puffing up here in the Telo’s there’s still plenty on offer. A lot of fun has been had throughout the whole week as some of our most famous point breaks have been lighting up, at a far more rippable size than last week (Check out the dream swell here)! I don’t think there were any complaints amongst our guests and surf guides on how they spent their Monday!

– Your Surf Guide Team at Resort Latitude Zero.

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