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April Surf Report – Lohis

Lohis Surf Report – April 2022

The start of the 2022 surf season has been super busy for the surf guides at Lohis. Finally the Australian borders are open. We have had a lot of frothing Aussies finally make it to the Maldives and have been gifted with some amazing waves. What a season it has been so far. March and mostly April has had some good swell where it has gone up to around 4-5ft. We also had a lot of days where it was so glassy, you actually could not identify the peak.

We have had a lot of big repeater groups who came from Australia through World Surfaris. Some of them have been coming to Hudhuranfushi every year for over 12 years now. Lohis is like there second home. It was so nice to see the smile on their faces to finally be back at Lohis after being stuck at home for more than 2 years.

The “peanut gallery” was going off with a lot of excitement watching surfers getting a few barrels and nice turns during the sunset sessions. Of course, the beer flow never stopped!

So far it has been an amazing surf season and me and the team are looking forward to keeping every surfer happy for the rest of the season. Hoping for even better waves and a lot more frothing clients in the upcoming few months.

– Ryan Thoyyib – Lohis Surf Manager 

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