Another new wave discovered in PNG!

We have just passed through the North passage into port after a big steam home from far East.

As a lot of you may or may not know PNG has had some pretty interesting weather lately. A lot of rain and wind.

We started our charter with hopes of scoring our ‘’Bread & Butter’’ zone with solid conditions, which we did for the first 2 and half days before some serious wind kicked in with a generous amount of rainfall to go with it.

With the weather not playing ball the big call was made to head East. But it was a double edged sword. Go East and say goodbye to the bread & butter zone with the possibilities of it turning on or stay and get stuck with a strong onshore. We knew a wave we found a few charters ago could possibly doing it (Cold Springs) but were not 100% sure it would be as we had only surfed it once.

A quick sat phone conversation and Cpt Rigby made the call. ‘’We are going’’.

As we passed through a short burst of internet service we had Google earth sucking the bandwidth dry as we compared possibles spots with the chart plotter.

A few rocks of the boat and a nights sleep we arrived, but had we made the right call?

We all loaded up and headed out waiting to see if the Captan had made the correct call. As we pulled up to the break the rain started to clear and the first Wahhhooo bursted out, then a second, then a 3rd. It seems the good skipper had done it again with extremely fun waves on offer in the head high range.

A day went past, beers drank, fish caught, waves ridden. But what would tomorrow bring?

Well tomorrow arrived and with it a small increase in the swell. With the guests in the water Cpt Rigby raced off on the ski to go check out some possible options that looked promising on the charts.

We got the radio call to come to his position as he thought he had found something. When we pulled up we all knew he most certinly had.

Welcoming ‘’Gummie Bears’’

A short but extremely mellow right hander that offers everything from turns to tubes. What makes this wave even more great is the little backwash that you can ride into the wave. If the right is not your thing there is a fast hollow left hander on the other side that is yet to be rode.

I won’t give to much away but there are a few other spots we have on our radar so stay posted for updates.

We also have one rare spare trip available on the 27th Feb till the 9th of March. So if your keen on making your PNG surf trip a reality then there has never been a greater time to do it. Shoot an email to info@worldsurfaris for more info.

Also a quick thank you to PNG’s unique surf management plan which keeps the surf numbers sustainable – every surfer who joins us pay a fee to book into this surf quota, and $ that goes to local communities where we surf.

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