All Girls Surfari on Moon Palikir

With the start of the High Season, we could already feel the difference in the weather pattern. No storms at all, March was a month of very light wind and constant medium sized waves, with 2 days south swell in the second half of the month that allowed us to surf 4 feet glassy Rifles with very light North wind.


At the second half of March, Moon Palikir welcomed a custom Health/Yoga/Surf Coaching trip with only girls, brought by the famous trainer Cris Mills and experienced surf performance coach Clayton Nienaber.

Our chef made special gluten-free meals and we loaded up the boat with fruits and healthy snacks so it was on point with the style of trip we were catering for.

Our trips are always a great opportunity to meet amazing people and learn from each of our guests life stories and what brought them to this faraway archipelago in the Indian Ocean. This time we had a huge life lesson with one of our guests, Tiffany Wei, who showed everyone onboard all her bravery and peace of mind after dealing with an accident right at the 3rd day of the trip. While surfing Burgerworld on a warm afternoon, she colapsed with her surfboard that hit straight inside her eye ball making it completly full of blood. She was immediately taken to the boat and after checking the situation, our surfguide and the boat captain followed our rules and moved back to Padang. Although everyone onboard was very nervous with the seriousness of her eye damage, she was the one who calmed us down dealing with the situation with great courage. Thanks to her TRAVEL INSURANCE – all her expenses where covered and she had prompt assistance all the way and was evacuated to Singapore to get the proper medical care.

A lesson learnt that travel insurance is vital because you never know what will happen out here!

With 9 days left for the trip to finish, we decided to sail back to the Mentawais so the other girls could continue their surf holiday. The swell and wind conditions kept the same, with mid-sized waves and very light north wind. We surfed the Playgrounds area and some fun days at Lances Right and Bintang to end the trip.

We all wish Tiffany the best recovery and we know that she will deal with it in the best way.

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