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7 reason’s to book your surf trip early in 2017!


  1. Reduced rates up to 20% off!
    There are huge savings when you book early. Our Operators offer us the best deals & discounted surf trips as an incentive to lock yourself and your group in early.
  2. Reduced airfares
    Contrary to what many think airfares are often cheaper if booked in advance. WS have wholesale rates with ‘many’ airlines allowing us to hold your seats now / buy them later so you have time to save. Booking flights last minute often results in paying too much or travelling on dates that don’t necessarily work for you.
  3. First choice of available space
    By getting in early you allow yourself the opportunity to guarantee the dates that work well for you. This allows you to request leave from your employer and plan your life accordingly. Because surfing overseas can be fairly seasonal its great to get the dates you want to give you the best chance to surf waves you have always wanted to or can’t wait to surf again!
  4. Something to look forward to
    Booking a surf trip early also gives you something to look forward to. Reminding you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel after a long day in the office or job site. It gives you ample time to research the waves you want to surf, the do’s and don’ts of certain waves and of course extra time to save and buy yourself a brand new board.
  5. Something to train hard for and get your fitness up to scratch
    Having a trip booked gives you an idea of the fitness level you need to be at. A surf trip is always better when you are fit. It drastically improves your ability to surf longer and harder and allows you to increase your wave count. Its also a good excuse to work off the Christmas ham in the early months of the year.
  6. Reason to buy that fancy new board you have been thinking about
    If there’s ever been a reason to buy a new board, booking a surf trip is certainly one of them. This gives you time to find your feet and get used to your new stick enabling you to surf like Kelly when you get overseas overseas.
  7. Pay it off!   Save the stress & chip away at your trip.   We will make you surf travel experience a smooth one before, during & after the trip.
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