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2019 Indian Ocean Surf Season Highlights

Well here we are again! How time flies. It feels like only yesterday that we officially launched season 2019. 

The World Surfaris team are still fulfilling the dreams of some late season nomads proving that many parts of the Indian Ocean are truly year-round destinations. They are also busy locking in 2020 trips for those who are taking advantage of our Get in Early deals – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

2019 filled the highlight reel and although there were some “less than normal” conditions that frequented various parts of Sumatra and the Maldives in particular, the beauty of these places is the sheer number of options that exist and work in any conditions. 

From March to November, World Surfaris’ clients have been scoring the waves of their lives somewhere! 

Below is a video recap of the most outstanding footage caught by our amazing operators throughout Indonesia and The Maldives….so far! 

A huge thank you especially to the filmers and photographers who spend hours in the lineup waiting for those perfect moments we get to take home:

– Ryan ‘ryz’ Williams (@ryzphoto)
– Jesse Little (@jesselittlephotography)
– Richard Kotch (@richard_kotch)
– Paulo Mendes (@mentawaisurfcharters)
– Eddie Blake (@ripplefilm) 
– Charlie Cullen (@charliecullenphoto)
– Ayaz (@liquefy_maldives)
– Christie Carter (@waveparkmentawai)
– Justis St John (@stjohnvisual)
– Dave Edmondson (@soulsnapss)
– Hannah Anderson (@hannahandersonmedia)
– Mike Egan (@byronwaves)
– Tai Jennison (@taijennison)

and anyone else we left out, thank you

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