2018 Season Opening – Hudhuranfushi Resort

Another season in the Maldives has started and after a bit of a sluggish start it looks like guests are starting to score some Indian Ocean gems at our tiny island in North Male. 

Richard Kotch and his team at Lohis will again be providing us with another season of epic monthly surf imagery to keep us frothing all season long. 


“March is quickly becoming one of my favourite months to be at Lohis. Admittedly the waves are not particularly big, but its super fun and un-crowded. The weather is also sublime with guaranteed sunny days and light winds. 

March is perfect for the cruisers, the mellow surfers who are on a surf trip with their families. Guys and girls who are happy to have one or two surfs a day, paddle out when the tide is just right and then forget about it all until the next day when they do it all again. 

Its a time of absolute pristine water and the bluest of skies and even the local dolphines seem to be extra stoked on Life at Lohis! 

For the record, this March there were ride-able waves everyday and we have already had 4 high quality swells”. 


Keep up to date with everything going on at Lohis through the World Surfaris network. We will be posting to our facebook, on our blog and via Swellnet once a month. 

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