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10 Hot Tips for your Maldives Surf Trip

10 Hot Tips to help you maximize your Maldives surf resort experience from former Lohis surf program manager and World Surfaris surf travel expert, Richard Kotch.


1. Take plenty of zinc and put it on thick, especially on your first few days – We use SurfMud and having tried every brand on the market can confidently say it’s the best.

2. Pack warm water Wax – Blue Sex Wax is worth it’s weight in gold over there. You don’t want to be slipping and sliding while you’re gliding! If you find it too hard, use Blue as a base and then add a little rub of Red.

3. Pack a couple spare leashes and if you use Futures, some spare fin keys.

4. Drink more water than beer and put a pinch of Himalayan sea salt in the water – you don’t win any prizes for being hungover and dehydrated when it’s firing.

5. Go on the boats and try to surf as many of the nearby waves as possible, and remember Ninjas isn’t a great wave when there’s swell, but it’s fun when it’s 3ft.

6. If you catch a good wave at Jails, stay high through the first section. At Cokes and Sultans the best ones swing wide

7. Definitely take a mask and snorkle.

8. If you’re already tired don’t try to surf when there’s current!

9. Don’t try to walk around on the reef as you head in or out. Only step where you can see and paddle as soon as you can. Don’t kick down if you fall and remember to try to protect your head mid wipeout

10. Chat to the Surf Guides and be honest about your ability/expectations.

And most importantly, paddle out with a smile and enjoy your time in the beautiful Maldives!

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