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Hosting guests since 1998, WavePark Mentawai is the original full service land-based surfing resort in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia.  The all-inclusive price includes mainland transfers, guided surfing and fishing speedboat service, 3 meals a day, drinks, snacks, and villa accommodation on the island. With a maximum capacity of 12 surfers, the WavePark guests have the entire island for their exclusive use.

WavePark is a World Surfaris Premier surf resort located in northern Mentawai near the Playgrounds islands, WavePark offers 26 different waves to choose from... some suitable for beginners as well as the intermediate to advanced surfers.  The WavePark crew have extensive knowledge of secret Mentawai waves as well as Mentawai weather conditions, built up after many years of experience hunting waves in the WavePark area. The WavePark has the best speedboat transfers in the Mentawais. They own, service and maintain their very own mainland speed boat crossings, saving you the hassle of waiting on others and transferring to a 2nd boat in Tua Pejat. They also use this boat for surf transfers so you will not only get better surf, more often, with less crowds but you will do it in the comfort and style of WavePark's very own premier speed boat called Sampan Baru. WavePark is also the only resort to regularly travel inter-island to look for waves. With their speedboat service, you'll be able to reach Telescopes, Scarecrows, Icelands and other nooks and crannies on the north coast of Sipora, over 20 nautical miles away, ALL OF THIS IS INCLUDED IN YOUR DAILY SURF PACKAGE!

This tropical island resort is built in the local style with sago palm thatched roofing and hard wood floors.  Officially opened and approved by the Governor of West Sumatra, WavePark resort is government licensed to operate as an exclusive resort in the Mentawai islands until 2023, one of only three resorts in the world with this distinction.

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