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An exclusive piece of paradise.

Telo Island Lodge provides a premium surfing experience in the Telo Islands. Getting there is fast and easy from Medan via Fly in - Fly out connections to the resort. Some of the most consistent waves in the Telo region are in the front and back yard of Telo Island Lodge… literally… maximum eight guests ... many breaks close by... waves are not too heavy / not too light... VERY LIMITED SPACE!  80% return guests.

Telo Island Lodge is located in a beautiful landscaped coconut grove on the remote island of Sibranun, in the Telo group, Sumatra, Indonesia. Constructed in an open-plan post-and-beam design, the main lodge features large, cool, open lounge and dining areas. The lodge sits on a white sand beach fronting a lagoon that features three small islets and a fantastic right-hand reef / point wave directly in front of it. The area is an aquatic playground and along with great surfing, offers amazing snorkelling and excellent fishing.

Telo Island Lodge aims to provide an intimate, high-end, inclusive service and has operated a fly-in fly-out service utilising a Casa 212. With fully qualified, professionally accredited surf coaches as guides and over 20 years’ experience in the region as a surf travel operator, Telo Islands Lodge is able to provide its guests with a surfing adventure holiday they will not forget.  

Created by the man who invented land based surf resorts in Indonesia, Mark "Maxy" Grant, Telo Island Lodge is an exclusive lodge located in the most wave prolific part of the Telo Islands. There are many different breaks within an hour’s drive of the lodge with 70 percent of them within 20 minutes. THE SURF HERE IS ULTRA-CONSISTENT in the 3-5 foot range, lefts and rights that work in all tides and opposite wind directions, virtually guaranteeing offshore conditions somewhere every day.

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