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Latitude Zero is a boutique surf resort nestled on its own private paradise in the remarkable Telo Islands. The beautiful sandy beach around the headland where the resort is situated boasts clear, calm, aqua-coloured waters with no offshore fringing reef, making it perfect for boat access, swimming and relaxing. Experience this amazing island paradise located in close proximity to over a dozen incredible surf breaks catering to all standards of surfer. Spoil yourself and try Resort Latitude Zero for the ultimate Sumatran surf adventure.

Experience is second-to-none

Latitude Zero is the work of legendary skipper, Matt Cruden from the 'Manglaui Ndulu' (Mango). Matt is a surf pioneer in Sumatra and wants to share his remarkable ocean home with you. Matt surrounds himself with an array of Indo veterans at Latitude Zero, where all staff are focused on delivering an unforgettable island holiday experience for every guest.

Best of Both Worlds

Can’t decide between a surf charter or land camp? Now you can do both. Latitude Zero has a surf charter boat, the good ship ‘Nomad’, harboured on standby, if you feel like heading further into the surf wilderness. Choose from ‘resort-only’ packages or a ‘Nomad-only’ surf charter, or combine the two for a week of each.

The Batu Islands (Telo Islands)

The Batu Islands, commonly known as the Telo Islands, are made up of three large main islands and approximately 48 smaller islands located right on the equator at latitude zero degrees. They are situated between Nias and the Mentawai Islands, which strategically places them in the centre of an archipelago that stretches along the west coast of Sumatra, a region that has become one of the international surfing Meccas of the world in the last decade. In 2003, Nias was divided into two regents (North Nias and South Nias) and the Telos are part of the South Nias regent, with its administration centre being Teluk Dalam. The Nias Island chain has been trading with other cultures, other islands and even mainland Asia since prehistory. Some archaeologists have cited the local culture as one of the few remaining Megalithic cultures in existence today. Nias is best known for its remarkable diversity of festivals and celebrations, with some of the best-known events being war dances and stone jumping (where the top of the stone board is covered with spikes and sharp pointed bamboo). The music of Nias, performed mostly by women, is noted worldwide for its haunting beauty. The predominant religion is Protestant Christian (around 80%) - a result of the early missionaries travels through the islands - with the remainder being Muslim or Catholic.


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