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Welcome aboard 'Moon Palikir', a dedicated surf vessel that lets you unwind and relax in comfort and style as you hunt down the best surf the Mentawai Islands chain has to offer. Moon Palikir is owned by the Surf Guides on-board, so they are as keen to make sure you have a great time as they are to see you shacked off your nut. Moon Palikir offers an unforgettable surf experience in one of the most famous surf regions in the world.

Spacious and well fitted, this surf charter has many mod cons and features that will have you enjoying your surf trip without sacrificing comfort. Moon Palikir offers an amazing experience and a perfect setting for your Mentawais surf adventure.

As far as surf destinations are concerned, the Mentawais needs no introductions. Discovered in the 1990’s, the region has since popped up on many surfers ultimate ‘bucket list’. Capturing swell all year round with the peak season falling from Apr-Oct, the Ments is easily one of the most consistent and sought after destinations on the planet. Moon Palikir’s guides / owners spare no expense to go that extra mile in order to ensure you are surfing the best break on the day and having the surf trip of a lifetime. Whether that’s another 50 nautical miles to score ‘that spot', which only works with this particular new swell direction or an extra slice of bacon in the morning - the boys on Moon Palikir will look after you. Rest easy, surf hard and experience this amazing surf-infested region in complete style and comfort.


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