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The South Coast of Lombok has a dramatic, rugged landscape with high cliffs and pristine beaches set in remote coves - very different to Bali. The surf is user-friendly, with some fun set ups catering to all standards of surfer. This region of Lombok is comparable to Bali 20 years ago, offering fantastic culture (Sasak), friendly locals and uncrowded fun surfing. Our local surf guides will make your Indo holiday an experience to remember. We offer personalised packages with hand-picked accommodation options to suit all budgets - from budget hotels to boutique villas to 4 star resorts. An ideal alternative for couples or families or the boys looking to escape the chaos that can be Bali.

KUTA BEACH is the base camp… there are internet cafes, beach cafes, laundry services, live music bars, art shops, mini markets all scattered along the beach. Kuta Beach Lombok is located in the middle of a huge bay that is about 3–4 kilometres wide. There is a surf point towards one end of the the bay, as well as breaks both sides of Kuta Beach itself. Other surf breaks within the vicinity range from a 20 minute drive and a 15 minute boat drive to a 3 hour drive to Desert Point or a 45 minute drive and a 40 minute boat trip to Ekas Bay.

Our packages include an expert local surf guide PLUS a driver and vehicle, thereby providing you with transport, local knowledge and someone to go surfing with. Choose a World Surfaris Guided Surfari to maximise your surf time, keep yourself and your valuables safe at all times and make your trip truly memorable.