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From your bungalow you will be greeted by the impressive sight of Lances Left, arguably the most consistent world class wave in the Mentawai archipelago.  Kingfisher Bay Resort is located in an extremely wave rich region with 10 different waves within a 20 minute boat ride. With such an extensive selection to choose from; fun beach breaks, long lefts and rights, barrel perfection and heavy slabs... all levels and appetites are catered for at Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Experience the Mentawais, a strikingly original part of the world; freakishly perfect waves, a completely unique and fascinating culture with a backdrop of idyllic palm fringed beaches and turquoise waters. As the name suggests, Kingfisher Bay Resort is situated on the edge of an expansive bay, regularly frequented by stunning and acrobatic kingfisher birds, as well as a vast array of other wildlife including majestic sea eagles, large flying squirrels and pristine coral reefs teeming with sea life.

The natural beauty of the Mentawai islands is the stage for what has become a mecca for surfers around the world, and with Kingfisher Bay Resort's dream location in front of Lances Left on the southern tip of Sipora island, those seemingly out of reach fantasies of surfing breathtakingly perfect waves can become a reality!  Fishing and snorkeling are catered for as well as a wide and varying range of land activities.

For the culturally curious, the local village provides a window into the lives of a race and people with a very different lifestyle to what most of us are familiar with. Get to know your friendly neighbours and hosts by joining in a woodcarving or weaving lesson under a palm tree or get involved in the daily volleyball match in the village. If all this sounds like too much activity, feel free to relax in a shaded hammock or catch the breeze in Kingfisher's open-plan restaurant.



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