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Explore remote North Sumatran Regions.

'Jiwa' offers an incredible experience on a stunning custom built vessel. Surfing around the North Sumatran regions of the Banyaks and Nias, you will encounter a variety of amazing waves in remote locations away from the masses. A trip with Jiwa Charters is an amazing opportunity to escape surf frustrations, chase the horizon and pull into some Sumatran perfection.

Authentic Surf Adventure that will leave you gob-smacked and wanting more!

Jiwa began adventuring throughout the wave-rich and remote Northern Sumatra in 2011. Each year, at the beginning of the Indian Ocean season, they extend the invitation for guests to come on board and hunt down their own wave haven. The 23m ironwood 'Phinisi' is an amazing vessel blending into the scenic Sumatran Islands as if torn from the pages of a history book. Experience a Unique Surf Adventure that will leave you surfed out, smiling and desperately looking forward to your next Jiwa adventure.

Jiwa’s first voyage saw the crew pass by some of the best surfing locations on the planet, seeking out the most perfect, uncrowded waves possible. Since its maiden voyage, the focus of each journey has been to find great surfable locations without other charter boats in attendance. This may mean spending less time at the more famous spots, in favour of lesser-known but empty breaks further afield. 

If the Jiwa is not chasing waves, there are plenty of opportunities to fish, dive or just relax on board, as this majestic vessel cruises through the islands to breathtaking anchorages. A trip on board Jiwa offers the opportunity to experience a really authentic Indonesian adventure, the memories of which will last a lifetime.