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Remote atoll charters

Our multi-atoll itinerary is unique to World Surfaris and has proven popular with those looking for a remote adventure in the far south of the Maldives. Some of our March trips fly to the southern most atoll of Seenu and surf for a few days, before crossing to the better-known Gaaf Dhaal Atoll that is littered with reef breaks for the remainder of your trip. The majority of our trips we concentrate on 100% Gaafu Dhaal atoll due to it's incredible variety of consistent waves. 

Abundant Surf

The combination of Seenu and Gaafu Dhaal Atolls host at least a dozen different surf set-ups that work on varying conditions and winds... if one place is too small, there will be a swell magnet that is surfable.  And even if those occasions do occur when the wind is onshore everywhere, some reefs are more protected than others and you can still enjoy a fun surf in the warm clear water. Fortunately, most of the time, it's world-class set-ups in pristine conditions.  

Handhu is not as luxurious as some of the more top-end boats and therefore does not attract many couples. She is still 90 ft of comfort with an excellent design that maximises space. Designed primarily for surf trips, Handhu has board racks and plenty of outdoor shade area to chill out and relax in between surfs.

You arrive in Malè to connect that night with an Island Aviation flight to the far south, where the Handhu Charter and her friendly crew will be waiting to greet you.  Overnight anchorage is near the airport island, then early the following morning, you commence your adventure of a lifetime.  The highly experienced surf guides will ensure you achieve maximum surf time.  

Now operating September and October in Gaafu Dhaal Atoll.  

Over the past few years, World Surfaris has closely been monitoring weather data and gathering reports and wave data from locals in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll during late season (late Aug - late Oct). The data clearly shows that the stronger winds that exist down south from May to Aug tend to dissipate and become light from mid-August onwards. The swell is super consistent down there pretty much all year. We are now confident to launch our Late Season "Gaafu Dhaalu" charters due to the winning combinations of light offshore winds and favourable swells.  Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll is the only other atoll in the Maldives that compares to North Male' atoll for the volume of classy waves in close proximity.  There are 8 breaks within 2 hours with something for everyone - from the intermediate surfer craving long, workable walls to advanced Indo veterans looking to charge some serious pits. There will only be a couple of boats down South at this stage, which will guarantee uncrowded surfing. 

SEP - OCT trips will be fly in/out of Gaafu Dhaal. This is a totally unspoilt region that promises consistent surf during these months.

Please note board bags 8 ft and over will be unable to travel on this trip as the aircraft cargo hold cannot accommodate longboards.

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