Handhu Falhi Male Atolls

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'Handhu Falhi' is the highest quality budget surf charter operating in the Maldives today. A low price point masks the overall quality of this experience and we guarantee that Handhu Falhi will not disappoint. Expect a knowledgeable surf guide, attentive crew and stacks of extra value. Handhu Falhi comfortably accommodates up to 10 passengers in five air-conditioned cabins with attached ensuites. She cruises through the surf rich North Malè Atolls at 10 knots, allowing you to discover the best surf spots available.

Expert guides

World Surfaris employs an expert surf guide to take you to the best waves on offer in the Malè Atolls. Our Handhu Falhi guides have become legendary through their ability to dodge the crowd factor and find surfers uncrowded waves in the Malè Atolls, even in peak season. This is the best budget surf trip in the Maldives including a crew with vast experience and the ability to cater to all levels of surfers.

Ultra-consistent surf

The Malè Atolls host over a dozen classy set-ups that are super-consistent from March to October. User-friendly waves with deep water take-offs and long walls with some full on barrel sections. In the space of two hours travelling, you have an incredible wave park!

Classic boat

78 ft, maximum 10 passengers, air-conditioned cabins and saloon area. Good outdoor shade with board racks. Upper sundeck. Very comfortable and a favourite of many World Surfaris' clients.


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