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2 of Australia’s Senior photographers, Andrew Shield and Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams have both done regular Stealth Missions and over the past few years, with high profile surfers such as Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Asher Pacey, Shane Dorian, Dylan Longbotton, Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmour etc.  So far these missions have a 100% success rate and the images beamed around the world via surf media.
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Jul, 2013 G-Land

Scardy called a last minute stealth alert for one of the worlds most renown lefthanders, G-Land. The call went out to many but was only answered by a few. That few were treated as promised to glassy, perfect, left handers at 6ft plus. Maintaining the stealth club mission’s success rate at 100%.

Jun, 2013 Fiji

Scardy called a stealth mission just in time for some moderate and fun swell to hit Fiji. World Surfaris were due to do a video documenting one of their resorts ‘Matanivusi surf resort’ at the time so it was great timing. Great swell, amazing resort and better waves. Enjoy the video.

Jan, 2013 P-Pass

“This was the best trip to Pohnpei that I have ever done, the waves in the 6-10ft range and just freight train barrels…. Insane!!” – David Scard

Feb, 2012 P-Pass – Rip Curl / Tyler Wright / Mirage Bikini Trial

We’re going to P-Pass, are we going to get barrelled? – Yep! “So we pulled up to the wave and the all boys were out there straight away, kind of checked it out for a little bit and then I went out there. Got a feel for it and took a few small ones. I was intimated by the wave, but eventually I got the confidence to go a bigger one and it was insane…. The wave just opened up the whole way….. The waves were sick!” - Tyler Wright

Jan, 2012 P-Pass – Rip Curl / Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning, Jack freestone and some of our friends from Rip Curl took on the wave with no regrets. P-Pass again lived up to her glory and there were barrels and smiles all round.

Jul, 2011 Fiji Billabong - Pacific Pirates

“We saw the swell coming about a week ago, I was lucky enough to get on the trip last minute, the swells were looking massive.” – Nick Vasicek.

May, 2011 New Cal – Tracks Magazine.

“The New Caledonia Stealth Mission for Tracks saw plenty of swell. We hit up ‘Skatepark’ way down in the South and then ‘Tenia’ in the middle section of New Cal. A low pressure formed to the East of New Caledonia that was not forecast, so the wind conditions were better suited for kiting, but we all got a taste of what New Cal has to offer!!” – David Scard

Sep '10 Cloudbreak

David Scard our  Goldie office consultant stands like a giant this week after returning from a stealth trip from Cloudbreak on board Stellar our Fiji Charter . The recently released break is under a new law which no longer limits access to Tavarua resort guests only. At 15ft+ though it wasn’t going to be for the faint hearted and Scardy, Laurie Towner, Dean Brady and Shaun Cansdell made the most of  the epic conditions.  The wave of the day has since been splashed around and we’re absolutely stoked for Scardy who’s still buzzing eurphorically and in all honstey staring like a deer in the headlights as the prasie oozes around him (we don’t know if it’s the media environment or the after effects of the wave). The footage of the wave as seen below is courtsey from our good friends from ASL and shot by Talon Clemov. Read the Surfing Life Article...

July '10 G-Land Stealth Mission

 A recent Stealth Mission to G-Land served as a reminder to us all travel insurance is a must. So rather than spruik  how awesome G-Land gets on a full swell Stealth travel club manager David Scard has sent this through from a mate that was part of the stealth mission. Read the full story...

Mar '10 PNG Frontier, Secret Spots

Just returned from a last minute hit and run trip put together by the team at World Surfaris. I spotted a cracker swell on the charts right when we had a scheduled maintenance week in port Kavieng. Bugger swinging spanners in the engine room sitting in the harbour whilst 4 – 6 foot waves are dropping out of the sky on the outer islands regions. A quick call to World Surfaris and the gang worked around the clock utilizing the stealth club. The trip hit and run idea was dropped on WS with 48 hours to fill and locked down within minutes of the deadline, an awesome job.

Feb '10 Pohnpei Surf Club – Seriously Huge Surf

Pohnpei Surf Club.  The surf here reaches epic proportions!!!!!!

Sep '09 Rewards from a Stealth Mission to Pohnpei Surf Club

West swell ranging from 4-6′+ from Mon to Wed which was perfect for Lighthouse rights. Allois has rarely surfed here and couldn’t believe how good it could get. I got one of the longest, biggest most perfect rights of my life on Wed arvo from the outside peak…kicked out in the channel approx. 300m down the line…omg I was sooo stoked.

Sep '09 Scar Reef Steath Mission – Scardy & Dylan Longbottom!

Stealth Mission was called for G-Land, Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa on the 9th of September. It was pretty obvious there was a major swell event about to happen. The tides and direction favoured Scar Reef, Stealth Pilot Dave Scard and heavy hitter Dylan Longbottom decide last minute (Thursday night) to leave the next day and chase the swell to Scars. Were happy to report with grins from ear to ear that it was another complete success…. here are some shots Leigh McCullough from Scar Reef Surf Camp took from the channel.

July '09 Scar Reef Stealth Mission

Stealth Mission was called without a broadcast for a select group of pros to hit Scar Reef on the last big Indian Ocean South Swell. The call was made and the group assembled within 72hrs. Flying to Bali and met by World Surfaris ground staff, Mick Campbell, Ryan Hipwood, Nick Vasicek and Andrew Shield made there way over for 3 days of pumping waves….. here is a preview of what’s to come in the upcoming issue of ASL.

Mar '09 The 1st Stealth Trip Ha’atafu Beach Resort, Tonga

The swell arrived as planned and ET’s was overhead with clean barrels. Not having been to Tonga I was keen to check it out myself and was stoked I did !! There were only a few of us out and we all caught heaps of waves.

Jan '09 P-Pass

With a great looking forecast Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore pulled the trigger of a mission to P-Pass, they were greeted by 6-8 ft pumping surf as expected.

Dec '08 Pipe Masters Warm Up at P-Pass

Right before the Pipe Master Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, Asher Pacey, Benji Weatherly and more rushed a mission for one of the best swells of the season!!

May '08 Scar Reef

A big swell developed in the Indian Ocean that was too good to ignore. Andrew Shield from ASL took the mission with Wade Goodall, Anthony Walsh and a few other pros and scored the best Scar Reef session of the season.

Aug '07 Speedies, G-Land

One of the biggest swells of the season hit on perfect tides for Speedies, G-Land. Mick Lowe and Scardy went last minute and scored the biggest days of the year!