PNG Explorer - Trip 12 - Endless Sessions

All imagery and words provided by Chris Peel.

Hello readers and welcome back to the PNG Surfaris surf report.
The guest from trip 12 have just left the boat after some of the longest surf sessions we have seen this season.

Sometimes you surf a wave and you fall in love with it, you don’t know why but you just do. For these guests this wave was the right in the wave pool zone.  From the first session to the very last, the waves stayed in the head high, to over head range which lead to the guests putting in a minimum of 3 sessions a day every single day of the charter.

We made the call mid trip to test our luck at a wave on one of the outer edges of our operation zone that favored conditions at the time, a decision heavily backed due to the reputation of the fishing and diving in the area. Both lived up to their reputation with a spectacular dive filled with schools of fish so vast and diverse I think even David Attenborough would have trouble naming them all. The fishing was just as exceptional with a few solid Mackerel being landed (19KGs).

After a night in this pristine island chain and all fishing and diving checklists and bucket lists correctly ticked we headed back to the Wavepool zone and got back into the surf, arriving just in time for the afternoon session with overhead waves continually pushing there way across the reef.  The remainder of the charter followed our standard routine. Coffee, Surf, Eat, Surf, Eat, Beer, Surf, Beer, Eat, Sleep, Dream of surf… Repeat.

Also a heads up, next season is starting to fill faster than previous years people so if you would like to lock your position onboard either PNG Explorer or PNG Explorer II - Ultimate 1.  Shoot us an email to

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PNG Surfaris should be on the top of the list for any surfer who is seeking uncrowded waves in a remote paradise. This surfing surfari offers an exceptional experience, amazing food, super...

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