October Hudhuranfushi Report by Richard Kotch

October has been a great month for the swell at Hudhuranfushi Resort in the Maldives. See below for the latest from Richard Kotch:


The first week of October delivered one of the better swells of the season. A strong south pulse that lasted four days in absolutely perfect conditions! All the waves in the N Male area turned on but the inside section at Sultans was hard to pass by. An easy take-off into a nice open barrel section and very low numbers in the water.


The next two weeks were everything you would hope for in the Maldives in October – sheet glass 2-3ft and light crowds. Lohis was so consistent that it was hard to get the guests to go and check anywhere else, but we did have a couple sessions down at Honkies and a really perfect evening up at Cokes and Chickens. If you like the idea of small but perfect little waves and low numbers of surfers on island, then October is a good option!


Amy and I flew out on the 22nd just as the south wind picked up but apparently on the 24th the wind had backed off again and 5 guests were enjoying some good late season Lohis.


Big thanks to Richard Kotch for this month's photos.

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Located in the North Malè Atoll, approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Malè airport is Hudhuranfushi Resort (translates to 'Island of White Gold'). Formerly known as Lohifushi, this is...

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