July Hudhuranfushi Report by Richard Kotch

Just in from Richard Kotch:


July in the Maldives has been pretty much everything you could ask for from a surf trip. It has been consistent to the tune of, “Oh my god, I’ve been travelling and surfing all my life and have never known consistency like this”, said a recent guest on day thirteen of pumping waves!

The month started off with quite strong cross/offshore West winds but for the last two weeks conditions have been flawless with sheet glass or very light offshore winds,  “does it ever go onshore here?” to quote another guest after a week of glassy perfection!

Size wise - it’s been big enough to keep the more experienced surfers excited, yet not too big to intimidate our less experienced guests, “I’ve been here three weeks and it’s been overhead everyday” said surfed out and super stoked Hudhuranfushi regular! The only slight negative is that we still haven’t had a ‘day of the season’  - a day that has stood out for being much bigger than all the rest, instead we have had the Maldivian staple of consistent, super fun, 3-5ft. No one’s complaining.

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Located in the North Malè Atoll, approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Malè airport is Hudhuranfushi Resort (translates to 'Island of White Gold'). Formerly known as Lohifushi, this is...

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