Hudhuranfushi surf season... off to a flying start with fun sized days & stunning weather.

"The 2016 surf season here at Hudhuranfushi has got off to a flying start, with fun sized days every day for the last month and stunning weather. All the waves in the area have been breaking, so typically we have had one boat up at Cokes/Chickens and one down at Sultans/Honkies morning and evening, and a very very happy crew out at Lohis!!


The big news has been the new buffet breakfast/lunch for surfers and their partners/families and the extension of the all inclusive bar until 11.30PM up at the Lohis bar.  The atmosphere on island has been superb with a great community vibe! "  Cheers, Rich

The latest news and incredible imagery from Surf Guides, Richard & Amy Kotch can be seen via our Hudhuranfushi Resort Facebook page.
Note:  Sale prices on Hudhuranfushi Resort Rooms increase after Friday 27 May!


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Located in the North Malè Atoll, approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Malè airport is Hudhuranfushi Resort (translates to 'Island of White Gold'). Formerly known as Lohifushi, this is...

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