Hudhuranfushi Resort AKA Leading Surf Resort in the Maldives

The winner has been announced for “Leading Surf Resort in the Maldives” and drumroll please……………the winner is Hudhuranfushi Resort.


Hudhuranfushi was recognized as the "Leading Surf Resort" by the Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) at the gala night hosted in Coco Bodu Hithi on 19th September to celebrate Maldives Travel Awards 2015.  MATATO, was founded in 2006 by a group of enthusiastic tour operators in Maldives for the purpose of providing a common platform for local travel agents and tour operators.  The Association currently represents more than 50 travel agents and tour operators in the Maldives.  Apart from lobbying for and on behalf of the of local travel agents and tour operators, in areas of mutual benefit, MATATO provides the industry with opportunities for international exposure and growth; through capacity and skill development initiatives and active participation in the international travel markets.  Launched in 2012, MATATO Maldives Travel Awards is the premier travel event in the Maldives and remains the top recognition of excellence in the travel sector.

This year, more than 100 nominees competed in 29 categories out of which 10 categories were awarded at the special edition of the Travel Awards hosted in Dubai on the 5th of May 2015; where leading travel service providers and some of the top travel brands in Maldives were present.  Nominees included local and international hotel brands, airlines, resorts, guest houses and other service providers.  More than 20,000 votes were collected through online and SMS platforms, which accounted for 40 percent of the score in each competitive category.

We applaud the achievement of Hudhuranfushi Resort in being recognized as the leading surf resort in the Maldives.  The reasons for this award are due to the following features:

Hudhuranfushi Resort offers guests an experience in the tropics beyond comparison and it’s no surprise to us that they have been recognised for their excellence in the travel sector.

Hudhuranfushi Resort is World Surfaris top pick when looking for the most consistent left hander at your door step.  Richard and Amy Kotch, along with the local surf guides offer an incredible surf experience that is limited to the capped surfer numbers during the Mar-Oct season.

Richard, who also provides an outstanding surf photo service on the island, has captured phenomenal images of World Surfaris clients throughout the year providing memories to last a lifetime.

Hudhuranfushi Resort not only provides a world class left hander, it offers up guests the diversity to surf up to 6 other breaks within 20 minutes of the resort.  Just a short Dhoni ride away – 3 boats with a maximum 12 surfers per boat during the surf season.

The resort has taken numerous measures and enhancements to intensify the ideal surfing holiday.  Besides the lush tropical surrounds and pristine waters, you can witness the action of Lohis Left breaking over the shallow reef on the Lohis bar and deck which provides the ultimate place to relax, enjoy a cool beverage and let the sun fall into the ocean.

Let World Surfaris get you to this award winning Maldives Resort.

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Massive thanks to Richard Kotch for these epic shots.

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Located in the North Malè Atoll, approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Malè airport is Hudhuranfushi Resort (translates to 'Island of White Gold'). Formerly known as Lohifushi, this is...


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Congratulations Richard and Amy.stayed with my bro, Anthony back in 2010. the waves and spot speaks for itself but it is you two and your above and beyond, friendly service and company, that won you that award.

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