August Hudhuranfushi Report by Richard Kotch

Thanks to our legendary surf guide, Richard Kotch for the swell report this week:

The 30th August dawned small and onshore. A low dark cloud hung over Lohis, it promised rain and wind, a promise that was quickly and violently fulfilled. The ocean was whipped into a frenzy by the southerly, and our guests smiled with relief and delight. “Thank you Huey” uttered Anthony “Ace” Smith from WA.... “Thank you” he repeated with a wry smile. His long term Lohis sparring partner Steve Nunn patted him on the back, grinned and said “lay day mate...finally...thank God for that, I couldn’t take another day of it” As the crew strolled off for a relaxed breakfast I met a new guest who had arrived late the night before “Looks all right aye mate!” he said as he waxed up “I’ve not surfed for six months so I’m just going out to get wet” and out he paddled into the  worst Lohis had been for a couple months. I saw him again and hour or two later. He was beaming. “Wow, what a place mate! The wind backed off, I had a few fun little waves and just two other guys in the water. So stoked. Life doesn’t get any better than this” I mentioned that he should probably check in again tomorrow because it might just get a lot better!  I’m writing this on the 31st and Lohis, yet again, is going off! Perfect double ups have been funnelling down the point all morning and the guests are frothing out. Life really doesn’t get any better than this. 


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Located in the North Malè Atoll, approximately 30 minutes boat ride from Malè airport is Hudhuranfushi Resort (translates to 'Island of White Gold'). Formerly known as Lohifushi, this is...

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